Multiguard Snail & Slug Killer

Eco-Friendly : More Effective, All Weather : Safer for Pets

  • Superior control on all snails and slugs including grey field slug, common garden, white, vineyard, small brown and conical snails
  • Long lasting pellets
  • Rapid acting - Kills more rapidly than other baits
  • No smothering of bait - Snails and slugs move away from the bait to die
  • Bright yellow pellets for easy visibility
  • Eco-friendly and compatible with Integrated Pest Management
  • Lower toxicity to pets, and native animals than metaldehyde or methiocarb based baits
  • Non-toxic to earthworms and beneficial insects
  • The active ingredient is less toxic than common salt and is utilized by plants as a nutrient after eventual breakdown of the product
  • Child deterrent added
  • Trialled on more species of Australian pest snails than any other product
  • Economical - best value for money
  • Developed in Australia for Australian conditions
  • Available in a 20kg bag, 150kg drum, 500kg & 1,000kg bulk.